Durability – Canvas Tents
Canvas and nylon are both strong and durable fabrics. Canvas is more durable than nylon. Canvas Tents can easily be mended with a sewing kit, while nylon Tents requires a special repair patch. The heavy thread in canvas tents avoids tears becoming bigger and ripping through the tent. While regular nylon fabric rips easily, ripstop canvas tents uses a special weave to stop rips from growing. Ripstop canvas tents is rotproof, waterproof and fire-retardent. Cotton canvas tents are very absorbent and resistant to rot. Canvas Tents can be coated to improve its water resistance
Comfort – Canvas Tents
Cotton Canvas Tents breathes much better than nylon, keeping the interior humidity level the same as the outside. Nylon tents may allow condensation to form on the walls and depend on mesh panels to provide ventilation. Canvas does not transfer heat as quickly as nylon, keeping the tent interior cooler in warm weather and warmer when t is cool outside. A nylon tent can become unbearably hot very quickly in direct sunlight.

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Disaster Tents is a global leader in the manufacture of Canvas Tents, Relief Tents, Disaster Tents, Refugee Tents, Military Tents and Army Tents.  We supply Tents worldwide to emergency situations on a large scale.  We have emergency stock readily available in emergency situations.  Having been in the tent business for over two decades, we have the expertise and experience to handle any deadline.  We have a wide range of Disaster and Relief Tents which are the perfect shelter homes probably in any natural disaster for temporary accommodation.
Our Tents are manufactured in compliance with international safety standards.  We ensure that the canvas fabric used in the manufacture is of superior grade and is manufactured under stringent quality control.
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